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The year was 2006, and a small group of friends were hungry for a more vibrant, life giving church in the Cuauhtémoc area. With this in mind, a meeting was called with this group in order to talk about the possibilities of starting a church. Out of this discussion came the start of Lebenswasser Church. God’s blessings were on this church start, and the church grew.

Just eight years later in 2014, Pastor Steve Wall became senior pastor, bringing fresh passion and direction to the church. An enthusiasm to seek out and follow God’s will propelled the church into a time of growth and vision clarity.

In 2015 Pastor John Wall joined Lebenswasser as a Teaching/Preaching pastor, bringing clear practical teaching to the church.

Looking back over our 10+ year history, it’s easy to see that Lebenswasser’s focus has never changed—a desire to hear God and follow His voice, and a passion to impact people’s lives by bringing them closer to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today, hundreds gather every week in our weekend service and in small groups throughout the community. We invite you to join our family and become a part of what God is doing at Lebenswasser as you experience God, find community, and fulfill your purpose in Him.

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