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God placed a desire in the hearts of a small group of friends to start a vibrant, bible-based, life-giving church in the Cuauhtémoc area. With this in mind, the group held their first meeting in order to talk about the possibilities of starting a church. The group of friends started meeting on a weekly basis together for training, planning and praying for direction. Out of this came the start of Lebenswasser Church.

Lebenswasser Church held their first Sunday Morning Service on the 1st Sunday in October. God’s blessings were on this church start, and the church grew.

LW decided to purchase the facilities where they were currently meeting at Km 23.5.


During these years, Sunday Morning services became more formalized. A special emphasis was put on writing our own songs and starting to translate existing songs into Plautdietsch. Our youth ministry was formed.

Pastor Steve Wall became Chairman of the Elder Board, bringing fresh passion and direction to the church. An enthusiasm to seek out and follow God’s will propelled the church into a time of growth and clarified vision.

Pastor John Wall joined Lebenswasser, using his gift for clear practical teaching to serve as a Teaching / Preaching Pastor.

Pastor Steve became Senior Pastor and began serving the church full-time.

Continued growth resulted in adding a 2nd Sunday Morning Service.

Pastor Steve passed away in an airplane accident. Under his leadership the church grew exponentially. He was a visionary, a pioneer and had an incredible passion for reaching Low German speaking Mennonites around the globe for Christ. He was key in the implementation of Live streaming and Digital Ministries. Through our ministry on Youtube, Facebook and the LW App, the good news of Jesus has garnered over 2.5 Million views during the time he led the church.

Steve was also a songwriter & worship leader at Lebenswasser. He led the team to translate and record worship songs in Low German that get released under LW Aunbädunk. The translated worship songs are played and used in church services all throughout North and South America.


Steve and his wife, Debbie had 4 children, Caleb, Brianna, Matthew and Kylee.


Steve Wall, being true to the calling God had on his life impacted tens of thousands of people around the globe and his leadership will continue to be felt at Lebenswasser and inspire tens of thousands more!

Pastor Jacob Kornelsen received the calling to lead LW and took on the responsibility as Senior Pastor, after having served as the Chairman of the Elder Board since 2019 and as an elder since the church’s start in 2007. His passion to fulfill God’s vision and mission for LW; to love God, serve people and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ propelled the church into a renewed season of growth.

To accommodate this growth, LW broke ground on a new addition to their current building, allowing more space for LW kjinja, Offices and a Volunteer Lounge.

LW celebrated 15 years of ministry with over 1,000 people in attendance.

Looking back over our 15+ year history, it’s easy to see that Lebenswasser’s focus has never changed - a desire to hear God and follow His voice, and a passion to impact people’s lives by bringing them closer to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.​ Today, over a thousand people gather every week in our weekend services and in small groups throughout the community. We invite you to join our family and become a part of what God is doing at Lebenswasser.



2009 - 2013










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